2017 Christmas Gift Ideas

christmas gifts in london
christmas gifts in london

It’s that time of year again when we all start frantically racking our brains for a thoughtful and impressive Christmas gift for the special people in our lives. There are plenty of original gift ideas for those who live, work or visit London. You might want to read through a selection of this year’s articles for some good ideas; 2 Michelin Star Restaurants, learn to Tango or spent a night in one of London’s unusual places to stay.  In addition, we have pulled together a few new ideas that we think will make fantastic gifts – read on.

A Night In a Gir Lion Lodge

You can hire a lodge at London Zoo and spend a night next to the lion enclosure! You get special access to the Zoo in the evening and morning and you attend feeding. Your parking, dinner and breakfast are included along with two full days access to the Zoo. A lodge for two starts from £438.

An Immersive Game

We are not talking about some saddo computer game or virtual reality we are talking about a game set in real life London with real-life people. Solve clues, run away from baddies and compete against other players or teams. These games are significantly above the escape room experience. The Fire Hazard games are well run and well designed and you can choose an action based one (Citydash), a wizard-themed one, a museum based one or a code one.

Cirque Du Soleil

This fantastic performance group bring the insect-inspired show OVO to the Albert Hall. The first performances are in early January so it makes for a good Christmas gift.

An Aston Martin

The Aston Martin DB9
The Aston Martin DB9

OK, we are not actually suggesting that you buy an Aston Martin as most of us don’t have a budget of a few hundred thousand pounds! We are all familiar with those Supercar track day experiences however you only get a few minutes in the car, you can only drive around an airfield and frankly, everyone’s already done at least one of them. A more attractive alternative is available from specialist supercar rental companies, mostly based around London and the South East. Companies like Aston Martin Car hire let you get the full experience by renting you a supercar for a single 24 hour period, a couple of days or even a whole week.  You get to drive the car whereever you want, park it on your driveway, take it to a swanky hotel or restaurant, show off in front of your friends! Prices depend on the model and rental period, however, a 24 hour period can start from as little as £225. Note that you will need to have a debit or credit card that can accept a pre-authorised insurance excess of £5000 on the day of hire. You have to be 25 or older and if you are under 29 you will need to arrange insurance approval with the hire company in advance for a charge of around £35.

Some Culture at The Underground Vaults

The Vaults is a unique arts space in some of London’s underground train tunnels. It is wonderfully weird and presents a selection of quirky shows and events – comedy, modern panto, seasonal events dance and film. This place represents the wonderfully mad side to London and will make a memorable gift.

Tomfoolery Sale Jewellry

Tomfoolery is a family run jewellers based in North London. They stock items from an interesting selection of designers in both traditional and modern styles. You won’t find the boring selection you see in the high street shops here. They have a sale page on their website which has some really fantastic items across all budget ranges (£20 to several thousand).

Twinings Tea Masterclass

You can book a place on this two-hour tea tasting for £30. It takes place at the Twinings flagship shop on The Strand. The shop is worth a visit in it’s own right but the masterclass will be the perfect gift for a tea lover.

London Private Number PLate

For those Londoners who simply love London what about a private number plate? You can use the letters LDN in a registration to make the London bit.  Then in front choose a postcode (in our example E16 – Newham), initial or anything else meaningful to your loved one. Browse LDN plates and prices. Buy from a reputable company like Carreg who sell all the DVLA stock as well as some more special registrations from private collectors. They can help you determine if the registration you chose can legally be added to your loved one’s car and sort you out with the necessary paperwork or even a gift voucher.

The Barbican

On the 27th of December the London Concert Orchestra present and evening of the legendary film composer John Williams’s greatest hits – themes from Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, Star Wars and lots more. On the 29th of December, you can visit the Barbican to hear a selection of popular classical pieces finishing with the Four Seasons. This performance is a bit special as the musicians are in period costume and the stage is candle-lit.

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