From West London to LA – Dreams Can Come True


The entertainment Industry is evolving, for the better.

It is clear that the entertainment industry is evolving regardless of any controversy in the media at the moment. It is my belief that you can really pursue your dreams regardless of where you come from or what social class you were born into. Fortunately it is clear that the entertainment industry is becoming greatly diverse with the rise of countless Hispanic, European, Black and Asian actors.

Mary Cruz
Mary Cruz

Mary Cruz is British actor raised in Ladbroke Grove, West London. She is from Colombian and Middle Eastern descent and was always told that she would never make it in the UK as a performer because she was too “ethnic”. She attempted to audition for numerous film and commercial roles in London but was told that she wasn’t “white” enough. She continued to work hard to pursue her dreams and was always told at school that anything was truly possible. She studied acting at The Arts Educational School in Chiswick, Italia Conti in Barbican and The Sylvia Young Theatre School in Marylebone. During school she performed and worked as a professional actress and performed since the age of 12. She starred in many theatre productions in London’s prestigious West End and also on various iconic BBC and Sky Digital shows. In 2004 she was crowned Miss Kensington and also performed alongside the iconic reggeaton act J Alvarez on his UK tour as she is one of the only few British/Hispanic performers in the UK and has had her singles ‘Jaw Drop’ and ‘Poison Ivy’ played by radio stations across the world including the UK’s ‘Bang Radio’ and ‘BBC 1XTRA’.

Post University she was awarded a scholarship at the American Academy of Dramatic arts. She was immersed into the entertainment industry in Los Angeles and was constantly praised for her “ambigious” look. She has now graduated and starred in various advertising campaigns for Kellogg’s Special K and also more recently a commercial for the ‘Under the Influence Tour’ alongside Whizz Khalifa and Mack Wilds from the hit TV show 90210. Mary also starred in shows for Warner Brothers, BET and Telemundo. She continues to live, work and study her craft in LA.

Mary Cruz a local girl from West London who was told that she would never be successful in the industry because of her ethnic background. However, she has gone from strength to strength and will be starring in a US Netflix movie “Confessions of Isabella” which will be released in July 2016, Directed by Trina McGee (Star from the hit US show “Boy Meets World”).

This is just a testament to anything being possible, regardless of your social class or race.