Vintage fairs in London


We all know vintage is in. As you scroll through your Instagram feed you are bombarded by images of Cara rocking retro shades or Gigi donning a 1920’s Gatsby dress. But, why is vintage all the rage?

vintage fairs in londonThe answer is obvious. Vintage clothing comes with a background, history. It is unique, distinguishing. It is high quality with a cheaper price tag. To some it is a representation of liberty, a rebellion against the constraints of the modern era. To others it is simply a thing of beauty, a celebration of the hourglass figure. As British actress and Greenie Thandie Newton fabulously put it, vintage clothing is ‘not only glorious and stylish, it’s also the way forward in terms of recycling… I wonder why we ever buy new things’.

Vintage clothing
Vintage clothing

So, where is the best place to get your hand on some? You need to be wise. Vintage clothing began to filter into the fashion limelight back in 2008. As a result, now 8 years on, vintage style is prevalent across high street brands. It is here you’ll find yourself buying costly, inauthentic vintage style clothing. Instead of heading to Oxford Street to pick up a new pair of ripped denims, I advise you to look elsewhere.

Vintage fairs have been springing up like mushrooms all over England, especially in London. You can find one nearly weekly and they’re not just providing the best clothing but they’re great fun and filled with refreshing people. To stay au courant you can simply browse vintage events on Facebook where you will be spoilt for choice. Take for example ‘Pop Up Vintage Fairs’, winners of the London Vintage Award for the past three years, or ‘Judy’s Vintage’, where you can pick up a kilo of clothes for £15. Alternatively, why not try out the South London Kilo Fair in Clapham this Sunday? What could be better than losing your vintage virginity this Valentines… I’ll be there.